Enhanced Autonomous Vehicles and Situational Awareness for the Warfighter

Current Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) solutions require too much human involvement, size, weight, power and cost. 


Aware Vehicles and its partners are advancing innovative fully autonomous Unmanned Aerial-Ground-Marine Systems (UAGMS) to conduct and support persistent, round-the-clock real-time ISR in support of urgent operational needs and requirements of the Warfighter including but not limited to the identification of camouflaged personnel or equipment, IEDs, bunkers or chem-bio signatures. 


Our innovative systems approach solves small unmanned vehicle range and user limitations while providing an unprecedented level of situational awareness and artificial intelligence with advanced imaging technologies and data analytics.  Other defense applications include: infrastructure and damage assessment; disaster response; logistics and freight management; and real time 3D mapping.

Army Soldiers